Black Resilience Fund is a program of Brown Hope that promotes resilience and healing for Black Multnomah County residents.


In 2022, we are transitioning the program to a village building program with a 3-year income guarantee.

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 18 years old

  • Identify as Black, African American, or African

  • Multnomah County resident

  • One applicant per household


Priority communities: comprising 30–40% of selected program participants, correlated with the income thresholds

  • Formerly incarcerated

  • Single parent

  • Minimum and low wage workers (within $2 of Portland’s minimum wage)

  • Foster care alumni


Monthly Payment Rates

  • $1,000 a month for adults

  • $1,500 for adults with 1 or 2 children

  • $2,000 for adults with 3 or more children


Income Thresholds: This 3-tier threshold is made specifically to support families in response to the annual cost of childcare. (approx. $10,000 a year)

  • $38,640 (3x the federal poverty line) for a household of 1 or 2 adults

  • $51,520 (4x the federal poverty line) for a single parent household, or household of 3

  • $64,440 (5x the federal poverty line) for a household of 4 or more

Program Duration

  • 3 Year, rolling program


Funding Model

This is a community funded program, meaning donations primarily come from individual donors and small local businesses. Thus, the number of selected participants will directly correlate with dollars raised for Black Resilience Fund.


Selection Process

Black Resilience Fund will engage in a public application process for Multnomah County residents, screening applicants based on application responses and selected interviews. 



May 31st

Announce BRF as a Basic Income program


June 1– June 30

Juneteenth Fundraising Campaign


August 1

Application Process Opens​


August 15th

Applications Close​


September - October

Selection Process


1st Week of November

Final Application Selection​


1st Week of December

Orientation and Program Launch​