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Black Resilience Fund Logo

This Is Action.


About Black Resilience Fund (BRF)

Black Resilience Fund is a program of nonprofit Brown Hope and is dedicated to fostering healing and resilience by providing direct financial assistance to Black Portlanders.

We’ve accomplished so much since our founding in 2020, demonstrating the power of hope and action by building community and showing up directly for Black Portlanders. And we’re not done. There are many challenges ahead, shaped by a two years of heartache and uncertainty, in addition to generations of unresolved injustice.


This is why Black Resilience Fund is here. Inspired by the resilient spirit of this community, we will always be there whenever our Black neighbors are in need.


A Vision for Healing

Black Resilience Fund is dreaming for a lasting impact in the Portland region. In the face of persistent systemic inequities, we lift up community solutions for reparations-inspired action– free from bureaucracy and honoring the vital contributions of our Black communities.

The difference we’ve made in the lives of Black Portlanders gives us hope that healing is possible. While Portland is a city with a somber history of discrimination, we are also known as the City of Bridges. 


For all of our futures, let’s make Portland a bridge for racial justice.

This Is Action.

Black Resilience Fund is committed to building a transparent and inclusive movement. We regularly post organizational updates to our website, e-newsletter, and social media, in addition to publishing monthly impact reports. Here’s some of what we accomplished in our first year:



Individual Donors


Individuals Served

Create Change with Us


Eight different teams. One common goal.

Black Resilience Fund is creating change through the power of the village, neighbors working together with neighbors. Volunteers contribute through eight diverse teams that work together to provide bureaucracy-free relief to Black Portlanders. 

New volunteers are welcome to join! At BRF, one person can make a powerful difference. 

Community comes first.

In January 2021, Black Resilience Fund partnered with Princeton University’s Ida B. Wells JUST Data Lab, which collected feedback from 284 BRF recipients through electronic surveys and focus groups. Here’s what BRF recipients are saying about our work:

82.1% of participants said they preferred that Black Resilience Fund continue to make $300 grants to applicants, so as many Black Portlanders as possible can receive support.

92% of participants reported the application submission was very easy or easy to complete.

98.8% of participants would recommend BRF to others, and shared what BRF particularly ‘game-changing’ was access to direct cash assistance, with no barriers, means-testing, or interrogation.


Several prominent polls have highlighted an unsettling decline of public support for Black Lives Matter in the past year. At Black Resilience Fund, we know Black Lives Matter is not just a tagline– we are talking about real families, friends, and neighbors, living in our communities. 


Our commitment to Black Lives is more resilient than any opinion poll. Every single day, we work with Portlanders of all backgrounds to foster the healing our communities need and deserve.


We urge you to join our movement.