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This Is Action.

About Black Resilience Fund (BRF)

Black Resilience Fund is a program of nonprofit Brown Hope and is dedicated to fostering healing and resilience by providing direct financial assistance to Black Portlanders.

We’ve accomplished so much since our founding in 2020, demonstrating the power of hope and action by building community and showing up directly for Black Portlanders. 

Since January 2023, the Black Resilience Fund has provided 25 households in Multnomah county with a 3 year guaranteed basic income (GBI). The members of our Village Building Cohort are working toward their goals of home ownership, entrepreneurship, furthering their education and securing financial stability. Over the next 3 years we will be measuring our program outcomes of building social, spiritual and economic capacity.


This is why Black Resilience Fund is here. Inspired by the resilient spirit of this community, we will always be there whenever our Black neighbors are in need.

Black Resilience Fund's 3-Year Guaranteed Basic Income Program

DSC00199 (2).jpeg



Several prominent polls have highlighted an unsettling decline of public support for Black Lives Matter in the past year. At Black Resilience Fund, we know Black Lives Matter is not just a tagline– we are talking about real families, friends, and neighbors, living in our communities. 


Our commitment to Black Lives is more resilient than any opinion poll. Every single day, we work with Portlanders of all backgrounds to foster the healing our communities need and deserve.


We urge you to join our movement.

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