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Updated February 2, 2023

1. What is the Black Resilience Fund?

The Black Resilience Fund (“BRF” or “The Fund”) is a program of nonprofit Brown Hope and is dedicated to fostering healing and resilience by providing immediate and direct financial assistance to Black Portlanders.

We are no longer providing microgrants, the program has transitioned to a 3 year guaranteed basic income program. We are currently serving 25 Black households in Multhnomah County, each household receives $1,000, $1,500, or $2,000 a month.

2. Why was the Black Resilience Fund started?

The Black Resilience Fund was created as a response to the continual and preventable suffering endured by Black communities due to systemic oppression. Together, we can make an immediate positive impact for frontline communities—which is why we created the Black Resilience Fund. 


We need healing. We need justice. And that requires action.

3. Who operates the Black Resilience Fund?

The Black Resilience Fund was co-founded by cameron whitten and Salomé Chimuku, who both served unpaid alongside over 400 additional volunteers from June until August 2020. Once funding was secured for staffing, cameron was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Brown Hope, the nonprofit parent organization of the Black Resilience Fund.

4. How long has the Black Resilience Fund been in operation?


The Black Resilience Fund was founded on June 1st, 2020 as an emergency fundraiser on GoFundMe. Since then, our volunteers have been diligently at work to build a consistent and transparent structure for the Fund. As of January 2023, BRF is providing 25 Multnomah County households with a guaranteed basic income.

5. How is the Black Resilience Fund being transparent/accountable with its funds?

We are committed to transparency and accountability. Impact Reports are issued to show where funds have been allocated and to summarize the latest activities of our movement. We frequently share testimonials of Black Portlanders who have already benefited from the Black Resilience Fund.

6. Is my contribution to the Black Resilience Fund tax deductible?

The Black Resilience Fund is a formal program of Brown Hope, a registered 501(3) non-profit organization with a federal employment identification number of 82-4843276. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Donations made on or via check (write the check to Black Resilience Fund and please send to P.O. Box 12410 Portland, Oregon 97211) are tax deductible.

7. Who qualifies for funding?


In order to qualify for support through the Black Resilience Fund, applicants must meet this eligibility criteria:

  • At least 18 years old

  • Identify as Black, African American, or African

  • Multnomah County resident

  • One applicant per household


Priority communities: comprising 30–40% of selected program participants, correlated with the income thresholds

  • Formerly incarcerated

  • Single parent

  • Minimum and low wage workers (within $2 of Portland’s minimum wage)

  • Foster care alumni

8. What can funds be used for?


Our Black Resilience Fund recipients have the freedom to use the funds in whichever way they deem necessary. Many of our recipients are using funds to further their education, buy a home, pay off debts, save money, and build financial stability.

9. How can I or my organization get involved in the BRF?


We welcome partnership with businesses and other organizations. You can reach us at

If you or others at your organization are interested in volunteering, please contact

10. Can you help from home/maintain social distance?


Yes, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities you can complete from your home, including social media, responding to email inquiries, and grant writing. Please sign up as a Brown Hope volunteer, and we will be able to direct you to opportunities with the Black Resilience Fund.

11. How can I talk to my employer about matching my donation?


Yes! Donor matching contributions can only be made through this link. You can also donate via check to P.O. Box 12410, Portland, Oregon 97211. If your company uses for matching gifts, look up and donate to BRF through our operating nonprofit, Brown Hope.

12. What are the long term plans for the Black Resilience Fund?


The goal of the Black Resilience Fund is to promote resilience and healing for Black Multnomah County residence through a village building cohort with a 3 year income guarantee. Help sustain our movement by donating today.

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