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Black Resilience Fund is dreaming for a lasting impact in the Portland region. In the face of persistent systemic inequities, we lift up community solutions for reparations-inspired action– free from bureaucracy and honoring the vital contributions of our Black communities.


The difference we’ve made in the lives of Black Portlanders gives us hope that healing is possible. While Portland is a city with a somber history of discrimination, we are also known as the City of Bridges.

For all of our futures, let’s make Portland a bridge for racial justice.  


The Black Resilience Fund started out as a mutual aid initiative in 2020 and is now a 3 year guaranteed basic income program that carries out the organization's vision of healing and justice.

Our primary goal is to promote resilience and healing for Black Multnomah County residents. The program is based on building capital in three areas: social capital, economic capital, and spiritual capital.

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